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Liz Short's Farewell Address to the Board

Kline One Remembrances – November 29, 2021

By Liz (Elizabeth) Short

I wasn’t at the very first meeting where the idea of Kline One was conceived, but I was quickly added to the trustees because of two reasons:

1) My last name was not Kline.

2) My husband was an accountant.

The dream was to use money generated from a for-profit business to do good in the world.

It was a “magical” time, and hopes and dreams were high! The personalities involved added to the ambiance – Ellis, Bruce and Kay, and Bruce E. All of them could weave a magic web with words.

Pam Kline was the first treasurer and the person who applied for the 501(c)(3) tax status.

Pam turned over the treasurer’s books to me on the lawn at some Indiana home. I had no idea what I was saying “yes” to. I only knew that Heber and Bruce E. would help me.

Eventually Kline One realized it needed to find its own source of funding. And the transition was made from “magical” to “practical.”

We now have found a new “magic”, an unbelievable, and not anticipated future with Frank and Pat’s leadership and a younger group of board members – Jon, April, Erin, and Karen, along with consultant, Carolyn, and AGI support.

My message to you is to never forget the “magic” of the beginning dream and the people involved. They will always be an inspiration for Kline One!

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