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Kids in Need



One Minute Overture


Kline One Foundation founders Bruce and Kay Kline have been involved with several projects in Hungary since 1991.  They made 30 trips to Budapest and lived there for 10 months in 1994-95. A point of contact is the John Wesley Theological College which is now responsible for more than a dozen elementary and secondary schools throughout the country, schools which had been scheduled for closing.

When visiting the schools, they noticed needy children without adequate shoes or clothing. The learned that only food many of the children receive is was what they get at school.

The videos below tells the story the best…

Warning...the following interview-style video is an more than 100 min. long.


The Kline One Foundation (KOF) is raising money to purchase shoes, clothing and weekend food for the children in need.


A contribution of $15.00 will buy a good pair of shoes so that a child can walk to school and receive an education.  A few extra dollars will also buy food for the weekend. An ongoing monthly donation can fund weekend food for a year.


The investments that Kline One has made for the children in need and educational projects of Hungary are sent to its partner the Oltalom Charity Society of Budapest, Hungary. Oltalom social workers and educators assess needs, make the necessary purchases and distribute what is needed to the children.

Their glowing smiles of thanks are beautiful to see!

How To Help

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...and Thank You!

It's amazing how far this charity can make a single dollar go.

Your gift is tax deductible and will be receipted by The Kline One Foundation, a federal tax deductible 501(c) (3) foundation.

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