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Kline One Foundation Board of Trustee Emeritus Status


Whereas: Charter Board of Directors member Elizabeth B. Short has served the Kline One Foundation faithfully for the entire 30 years of its existence, and

Whereas: Elizabeth’s husband Heber L. Short has also served the Kline One Foundation faithfully for those 30 years as a critical volunteer consultant, and

Whereas: Both Elizabeth and Heber have exemplified qualities of leadership and character as models for all who have been touched by Kline One, and

Whereas: Elizabeth and Heber have personified inspiration for the meaning and purposes of the Kline One mission, including a gracious and caring demeanor in administrative leadership, and

Whereas: Elizabeth and Heber have presented a thoughtful and considered process of relinquishing their responsibilities for leadership,

Therefore, it is stipulated by the Board of Directors of the Kline One Foundation that the minutes reflect a heartfelt thanks for the service of Elizabeth and Heber Short, and a hope that they will continue as informal consultants as needed, and

Further, that the Board of Directors hereby establishes an Honorary Lifetime Emeritus Directors status, and selects Elizabeth and Heber Short as members thereon.

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