The Cincinnati

Birth Center

A Safe Place

to Grow

We are ambassadors for ancient tradition and new evidence; doctors and granny midwives; homes and hospitals; retired midwives and future midwives. Our mission is to represent the old and the new, to make a better path for those who come and stand upon the shoulders of the mothers and healers who brought us to this place. We are ambassadors in our community. We educate to give people information to make the choices right for them, with care providers, who will listen without judgement.

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The Midwifery Model of Care

When parents are listened to, informed about their options, and seen as active participants, it leads to satisfying birth experiences. When families have a birth experience they feel proud of, it facilitates an easier postpartum with less risk of postpartum mental health issues. Studies show women remember their birth experiences for the rest of their lives!


We understand the power of positive birth experiences and recognize the transformative quality of pregnancy and birth.


Our center seeks to teach, train and improve quality of life for parents, babies, midwives, student midwives, and other
professionals in this field.

Offering Safe Birth

for Everyone

The United States is currently at 27th place in the world for maternal and infant mortality and morbidity. One in four birthing people of color and/or their babies in the US will face extreme medical outcomes or die directly related to their pregnancies and births.

This is not acceptable.

The Cincinnati Birth Center, with your help, provides scholarships for people of color for two purposes:

1) Full scholarship for midwifery care
    throughout pregnancy, birth and

2) Full and partial scholarships to teach
    and train doulas and midwives of
    color so they may contribute to
    optimal care of all birthing

Will You Please Help Us Help Change the Reality of Birthing for At-Risk People?

Scholarship for One At-Risk Person To Have a Safer Birth

One Birth: $5,000

Scholarship for One At-Risk Person to Attend
Midwifery School

One Certificate Program: $4,800

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